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Someone at Walmart Labs says...

All in all the benefits are pretty decent, good 401K matching (up to 6% dollar for dollar always vested), discount in store (10% on produce and general merchandise, often expanded to more grocery during the holiday season)

Walmart Labs Interview Questions

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People at Walmart Labs Say

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Good work life balance if you are lazy to change jobs and wanna land on mid level place where you rest and vest ( not much )
Freedom with time management, kind of low expectations for tech knowledge, good place to gain experience for further corporate sde jobs
Good place to learn and grow, cutting edge technology and exciting projects
This office has a lot of opportunity, especially if you go in with a good attitude and a willingness to learn. You'll make a lot of very valuable industry connections, and gain some great experience working on high-traffic projects.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer 2

$77,600 $6,600 $13,900 - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Software Engineer 3

$127,900 - Base
$16,500 - Stock
$19,600 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer

$161,150 - Base
$32,400 - Stock
$33,300 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer

$188,533 - Base
$71,667 - Stock
$37,600 - Bonus
Principal Software Engineer

$200,625 - Base
$84,000 - Stock
$56,625 - Bonus