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Someone at Intuit says...

Good salary, bonus and stock options Cool office and respected brand name Industry leading products. Very high employee attrition. Most employees cannot stay for more that 2-3 years. Either one has to be working on a successful project or belong to a clique to stick around. Every year spring a musical chair of who will stay and who will let go happen, an ugly blame game will follow breaking people's spirit and sense of personal dignity, one could witness adult men crying. Once all the dirty business is taken care, company will have a song and dance summer party where the CEO will crack jokes in his southern folksy accent and CFO will talk about how all accounting books are looking great (with reduced financial liability).

Intuit Interview Questions

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People at Intuit Say

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Very good Benefits and flexible working schedule. Lots of technologies to play around with and they are very interested in improving your quality of life both at home and at work. I've seen many times now that the wrong people get promoted and they loose some really good talent because they fail to recognize until it's too late. This is very similar to most companies though to be fair. If you are someone that can handle watching this type of scenario and be complacent then this won't bother you, but if you are bothered, this is absolutely frustrating. Recognize key players in the org and utilize them to help weed out others that don't align with the key values. One key factor lacking is the "correct" mind set for most of the engineers.
Employee friendly policies and culture . Leaders seem always busy "planning", not connected to engineers on ground. Many VPs may not even know their engineers by face. Even though we adopted Agile, senior leadership though process is still "waterfall". There is fear of failure , risk taking is not encouraged, only big milestones are worth celebrating. There are some really good talented people around, but their energies are not effectively utilized or even recognized. Keep your "talent acquisition" hat open even internally.
I've been at Intuit for a little under a year an half now, and all in all, I like the company. Some bullet points are: Great benefits, invested in improving their employees, company culture isn't an afterthought. They're also actively working to bring modern tools and technology into the development stack allowing us to do some pretty cools things. Sadly while the culture is great, and the public facing technology is what you would expect from a modern SaaS company, the immediate tools they allow you to work with are not. It's fairly obvious the their IT organisation is pretty old school. While offering both Macs and PC's, the PC's are behemoths and not fun to carry around. They're so loaded with security software trying compensate for Window's poor security that you're lucky if the batteries last an hour sometimes.
Stand by their principles - Integrity without compromise being the first and foremost. Congenial work environment and great people to work with - focus is on work and never experienced any internal politics. Employee friendly, good work-life balance, opportunity to work on new technologies. Quarterly 'hackathons' help teams focus on engineering what is close to their heart. Great benefits - well-subsidized health insurance, 401K company match, matching donations to charities, parental leave, generous PTO, 3 days of volunteer time off and other perks and benefits.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer 1
$106,875 - Base
$13,250 - Stock
$10,188 - Bonus
Software Engineer 2
$117,250 - Base
$20,148 - Stock
$10,688 - Bonus
Senior Software Engineer
$148,357 - Base
$34,875 - Stock
$24,268 - Bonus
Staff Software Engineer
$170,200 - Base
$71,400 - Stock
$43,200 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus