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What did you do in your first IT internship?

Career • Asked over 1 year ago by Jabir Sheikh

Jabir Sheikh Commented on Sep 07, 2022:

Let's talk about how I got my first internship at the end of my third year.
I started google a lot about how to get an internship as a first-year computer scientist. I understand that before applying for a position as a company internship, you need to prepare the following:
1. Create a LinkedIn profile as many recruiters will view your profile.
2. Open a GitHub account, as many modern companies have adopted a culture of asking a candidate's GitHub account to see how active he/she is in developing or coding. Make sure to push the project to GitHub and try to stay active on GitHub.
3. Start writing your resume, I don't mean to visit Resume Maker Dubai or any other site to use their templates. Strive to create resumes and resumes that are not website templates. remember! You need to stand out from the group.

Jabir Sheikh Commented on Sep 07, 2022:


Varvara Commented on Sep 19, 2022:

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Fillis Commented on Oct 21, 2022:

I myself never came to the office and immediately started with an online company and remote work. I was taken to the team of such a site - This is a large portal where there are always a lot of users online. I made changes if there were problems with the new info .. In general, it was an easy job))