What are your job titles?

General • Asked 18 days ago by Brian

I used to be "Web Engineer" at my first software job, but recently I've just been "Software Engineers". What about you guys?


anyone can help?

General • Asked 17 days ago by Rajarat Veshist

in, I don't get why ``` addEdge(src, dest) { this.adjacencyList.get(src).push(dest); this.adjacencyList.get(dest).push(src); // push...


Startup or Big Company?

Career • Asked 18 days ago by Jun

Pros and cons? I prefer bigger companies simply due to scale of impact.


Less Demand For Software Engineers?

Career • Asked 17 days ago by Brian

There was a reddit thread about this Key point: ``` Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...


What would you like from AlgoDaily?

Feedback • Asked 19 days ago by Jake

Hi guys, Jake here, founder of AlgoDaily. Thanks for checking the site out! I'm looking for feedback on what you guys would like to see. Is it more coding challenges? More career guides? A better w...


Software To Something Else/Sales?

Career • Asked 17 days ago by Rich

i've been a dev 3 years, current company is a university. decent gig but i've always been more of a social person. coding is just meetings/pretty standardized. i like freedom like in sales. have he...

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