Would this not be a simpler solution?

Challenges • Asked 3 days ago by rudebowski

For the detect substring in a string problem, here was the solution offered: function detectSubstring(str, subStr) { let idxOfStart = 0, j = 0; for (i = 0; i < str.length; i++) { // if match, compare n...


What are your job titles?

General • Asked about 2 months ago by Brian

I used to be "Web Engineer" at my first software job, but recently I've just been "Software Engineers". What about you guys?


What would you like from AlgoDaily?

Feedback • Asked 15 days ago by Jake

Hi guys, Jake here, founder of AlgoDaily. Thanks for checking the site out! I'm looking for feedback on what you guys would like to see. Is it more coding challenges? More career guides? A better way to reach out to professional developers? Let me...


Validate Palindrome

Challenges • Asked 3 months ago by Jake

I think for the solution you provided, we must account for the case of the character or letter as well as the whitespaces.<p>So here's my solution:</p><p><code><br>/* jshint esversion: 6 */<br><br>function isPalindrome(str) {<br>if (! isAlphaNumer...


Is An Anagram

Challenges • Asked 3 months ago by Jake

Since the previous challenge already mentioned time complexities. It should be mentioned that the sorting solution is Quasilinear O(n log n) and a linear solution exists. If you create a set from both strings O(n+m) and then check that both string...


Array Intersection

Challenges • Asked 3 months ago by Jake

oh my gosh


MS or Work?

Career • Asked 24 days ago by Rajarat Veshist

I am a last year CS designing student M21. I'm from Canada by way of Pakistan. I'm at present seeking after my student from Pakistan as well. I might want to seek after a graduate degree in CS from the US due to the nature of instruction and resea...


Management or IC?

Feedback • Asked 24 days ago by Brian



Should AlgoDaily Be Open Sourced?

General • Asked 26 days ago by Jake

Exactly as the title says. Thoughts?


Do You Have a Side Hustle?

Career • Asked 26 days ago by Jake

Wondering who else here has one. Has it benefitted your career?


Software To Something Else/Sales?

Career • Asked about 2 months ago by Rich

i've been a dev 3 years, current company is a university. decent gig but i've always been more of a social person. coding is just meetings/pretty standardized. i like freedom like in sales. have heard sales eng is a good route, thoughts?


anyone can help?

General • Asked about 2 months ago by Rajarat Veshist

in, I don't get why addEdge(src, dest) { this.adjacencyList.get(src).push(dest); this.adjacencyList.get(dest).push(src); // push to both adjacency lists } we need to push to both? isn'...


Startup or Big Company?

Career • Asked about 2 months ago by Jun

Pros and cons? I prefer bigger companies simply due to scale of impact.


Less Demand For Software Engineers?

Career • Asked about 2 months ago by Brian

There was a reddit thread about this Key point: Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for computer programmers will decline by ...

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