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I am trouble with reverse stringg in python

CareerAsked less than a minute ago by Omkar more

HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi, I'm having trouble with Reverse a String (/challenges/reverse-a-string). The question asked... I got stuck on... Here's some code I tried: ```js function() { } ```


MS or Work?

CareerAsked 3 months ago by Rajarat Veshist

I am a last year CS designing student M21. I'm from Canada by way of Pakistan. I'm at present seeking after my student from Pakistan as well. I might want to seek after a graduate degree in CS from the US due to the nature of instruction and resea...


Do You Have a Side Hustle?

CareerAsked 3 months ago by pablodeltoro

Wondering who else here has one. Has it benefitted your career?


Software To Something Else/Sales?

CareerAsked 4 months ago by Rich

i've been a dev 3 years, current company is a university. decent gig but i've always been more of a social person. coding is just meetings/pretty standardized. i like freedom like in sales. have heard sales eng is a good route, thoughts?


Startup or Big Company?

CareerAsked 4 months ago by Jun

Pros and cons? I prefer bigger companies simply due to scale of impact.


Less Demand For Software Engineers?

CareerAsked 4 months ago by Brian

There was a reddit thread about this Key point: Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for computer programmers will decline by ...