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Sum Digits Until One

ChallengesAsked 3 months ago by Danaila Marian

Hi, guys! I have a question about "Sum Digits Until One" problem. When I run the code for all the test cases everything is perfect, but when I click 'RUN TESTS' button, it gives me an error: 4 ('An error occurred!', NameError("name 'assertEqual...


Changing language

ChallengesAsked about 1 hour ago by Zyken

Hi, I'm having trouble with Reverse a String (/challenges/reverse-a-string). The question asked... can I change the language of challenges


questions removed after logging in

ChallengesAsked less than a minute ago by firecraftgaming

Hi I did 35 questions without being logged in and realized it later and now when I am signed in all that progress is gone anyway to get it back??????


Clarification on Test

ChallengesAsked 15 days ago by M

in the case [ 11, 13, 21, 3 ] shouldn't the answer be [ 13, 21, -1, 11 ] ? The first few are straight forward it seems 11 -> 13, 13 -> 21, 21 -> -1. For 3 we loop back to the start so 3 would map to 11 ...


Is an anagram

ChallengesAsked 15 days ago by LeeKayBee

Hi, I'm having trouble with Is An Anagram (/challenges/is-an-anagram). I would like to think I have the correct code but it is giving me fails on the test. It returns False in pycharm when using Mary and Army but here it gives me a fail. It should...


Languages for Solutions

ChallengesAsked 9 days ago by dipo.elegbede

I am new to this platform and I have a question. Are solutions only written in javascript? I am into python and plan to write my solution in python and compare with solutions written in python. Can anyone please help in this regards. Second, when ...


CreateFactories function call

ChallengesAsked 27 days ago by flightPlan

For this challenge/exercise: How would I get this createFactories(logger) function to work. I'm not sure of what to put as the argument in place of 'looger' parameter in the funct...


Would this not be a simpler solution?

ChallengesAsked 2 months ago by rudebowski

For the detect substring in a string problem, here was the solution offered: function detectSubstring(str, subStr) { let idxOfStart = 0, j = 0; for (i = 0; i < str.length; i++) { // if match, compare n...


Validate Palindrome

ChallengesAsked 5 months ago by pablodeltoro

I think for the solution you provided, we must account for the case of the character or letter as well as the whitespaces.<p>So here's my solution:</p><p><code><br>/* jshint esversion: 6 */<br><br>function isPalindrome(str) {<br>if (! isAlphaNumer...


Is An Anagram

ChallengesAsked 5 months ago by pablodeltoro

Since the previous challenge already mentioned time complexities. It should be mentioned that the sorting solution is Quasilinear O(n log n) and a linear solution exists. If you create a set from both strings O(n+m) and then check that both string...