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Someone at Rubrik says...

Founders care deeply about building a great company and are hands-on with the company and its engineering.

Rubrik Interview Questions

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People at Rubrik Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Lots of opportunity! I learned more here in 3 years than I did in my last 6. Pace is quick, everyone is great to work with (pretty smart, friendly, very few bad actors). A place where you can take on new challenges each month and being driven and proactive is rewarded.
Some of the very smart people in the industry who can not perform due to mediocre management.
Learned a lot over there. Lots of interesting problems and challenges. Amazing co workers. Very technical oriented and no bull culture.
Super fast paced - as a new grad who just joined, I've been given 2 projects that are extremely high visibility (working in a room with founders) and big parts of the next release

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer I

$125,500 - Base
$40,300 - Stock
$12,100 - Bonus
Software Engineer II

$158,615 - Base
$59,538 - Stock
$18,385 - Bonus
Software Engineer III

$186,250 - Base
$116,750 - Stock
$30,375 - Bonus

75k - Base
30k - Stock
11k - Bonus

Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus