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Good work culture. Good food. Mostly nice coworkers. Easy dev tools and setup Interesting projects that provide impact. Nice office Transparency and trust. Not productive overall Conservative strategy and product improvement. More and more engineers are getting laid back or lazy. Not enough workforce that results in chaotic collaboration. Product planning and sync are sometimes unclear that responsibilities get shifted. Clear definition on responsibilities and better sync between teams and orgs. Be fair and honoring people that actually do the work.

Interview Questions

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Is An Anagram: Given a two strings, return whether the second is an anagram of a palindrome of the first string.
Implement a Hash Map: Implement a hash table.
Decimal To Binary: Given a number, tell how many '1's are there in the binary fomat of this number.
Given a vector of strings of length n with each word having a length of m on average, group all anagrams into a cluster. do this for the case that n >>>>>> m and in the most efficient way possible. assume extra space allowed.
Given an array with all elements sorted on each individual row and column find the k-th smallest one.
Given a tuple for eg. (a, b, c).. output : (*, *, *), (*, *, c), (*, b, *), (*, b, c), (a, *, *), (a, *, c), (a, b, *), (a, b, c)
Use your preferred programming language, output a pyramid of # with user specified height into a file.
Given two integers, a and b, determine the number of possible pairs of x, y such that 1<=x<=a and 1<=y<=b and such that (x^1/3 + y^1/3)^3 is an integer.
Build a caching system that has invalidation.
Given a list of strings, find the longest common prefix.

Engineering at Twitter

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Great offices and location. Free food and beverages and top equipment. Flexible working and good amount of time off encouraged. Poor management and leadership within local offices. Remote offices didn't work well and there was a lot of confusion about priorities and timelines. Poor hiring choices didn't help the demotivated workforce. Projects in London not challenging and no new larger projects were brought in to engineer and run. Listen more to the longer standing employees.

The people make it. There aren't too many teams, but the ones that are there are impactful running major company priorities. It has a small company vibe, and is generally a pleasure to go into the office each day. The product is great and all sections of the UK office from Sales, Media Partnerships, Engineering, are passionate about the company. The company grew quickly with the expectation that lots of stuff that was poorly designed/architected/written would be fixed as the company grew, but now isn't being focused on because there isn't the staff. This can seem surprising, but really is a bit of an opportunity - there is low hanging fruit all over the place and a chance to be impactful.

Lots of freedom to grow, lots of nice benefits like catered lunches, breakfast and dinner. Very shallow management structure. Departments are organised into small teams that have lots of freedom to work however they want (e. g. standups, meetings, issue tracking that they use). It's starting to be a bigger company and not a startup anymore, so things that used to work now don't anymore. Flexibility is lost for corporate structure.

Every one on the team is smart and nice! Every one is willing to help. The engineer culture is great. Very flexible working hours. Nice food and good benefits. Every coin has two sides: the flexibility in working hours means working at night or weekend is needed some time. Stock price dropped harshly last year. There is a balance between being adaptive and being too adaptive. Let's stick to a good plan. Do not change the high level roadmap too frequently.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer (SWE)
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
$154,857 - Base
$68,643 - Stock
$17,000 - Bonus
Senior SWE
$175,600 - Base
$123,400 - Stock
$26,000 - Bonus
Staff SWE
$210,800 - Base
$197,000 - Stock
$51,600 - Bonus
Senior Staff SWE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus