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Someone at Yelp says...

Even though Yelp is not a 1st tier tech company comparing to Google, Facebook, it does have the best engineering culture. Hackathon, offsite, snacks and work from home policy, just name it (no dining hall though). Managers care a lot about your growth. They're normally patient and willing to help. They will try their best to help you promote instead of suppressing for higher productivity. Average age is young, great place for new grads and young engineers. People are always nice and willing to help.

Yelp Interview Questions

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People at Yelp Say

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Great culture for engineering They really care about personal development of employees Transparent org Great manager. They spend on training manager. If you don't like your manager, you should give feedback and report it. They will try to work on the situation. Great company to start your engineering culture with. No free lunches No game changing work happening in engineering, we are just working to be on par with tech stack in other companies. Be fast in rolling out features. Have team Yelp X or something that secretly work on game changing tech (AR / AI)
Work/life balance: you can walkout free of mind when your day is over Collaborative work culture: no politics within Engineering. Working on a high visibility/popular consumer app. Continue focusing on keeping the product and the infrastructure up to date and fresh. It is exciting to see all these upcoming projects. Be bold, don't hesitate to try new avenues. Be a better champion for your staff and listen to their requests: it took 2 years for the sick time problem to be heard and 6 more months until we hear the proposed solution. The staff skews towards new grads heavily and can lead some demographics to feel old quickly.
Great work-life balance. Generous benefits (on par with other Bay Area tech companies). Strong engineering culture. Engineering and recruiting actively care about improving diversity and creating an atmosphere where everybody is welcome. Yelp’s public reputation may be iffy, but most of the people who work there are amazing. The majority of engineers are nice, helpful people. Jeremy Stoppelman seems like a truly good person who has the best intentions for the company and who wants to put good things back into the world. The weird part of working for Yelp was balancing the public’s perception with my own experience since the two tended to clash.
Engineers are clever and experienced. Managers are understanding and not pushy. Relaxed and laid back work environment. Free beer on tap, and good variety of snacks. Work life balance. Unmotivated engineers and managers. Lack of notice on product details, nothing new to work on except on data mining team. Very conservative approach to product and too many unmaintained features inside app. Try to move product forward. Yelp has huge potential Try to keep engineers motivated.

Engineering Levels

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$109,857 - Base
$27,786 - Stock
$7,143 - Bonus
$125,462 - Base
$45,231 - Stock
$5,538 - Bonus
$147,900 - Base
$78,800 - Stock
$16,700 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus