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Good pay, mostly good benefits, good technology most of the time, knowledgeable and competent coworkers. While I was working here I was observing gradual decline in corporate culture, development principles, quality of products and services, level of care about customers. I think it happened around the time when the company went public. The got lately infested with corporate-minded freaks who care less about services quality or customers satisfaction. The only think that they care is how to waste more corporate money to advance own careers and how to fabricate/fake own success ( which frequently is unadulterated fraud) to get a favorite appearance for higher management.

Interview Questions

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Array Intersection: You are given two arrays of size m and n. Find the common elements between those arrays. Say, arr1 = {2, 5, 3} and arr2 = {5, 1, 2}. The common elements between those arrays are as follow: ans = {2, 5}
Reverse a String: Reverse words in a string.
Length of Compact String: Compress strings such as "aaabbbcccc" into the string "a3b3c4".
Traverse in a Zig Zag: Given two sorted arrays, make a "zig-zag array" that consists of the highest value of the two arrays, followed by the lowest, followed by the second-highest, then second-lowest, etc.
Sum All Primes: What is the best or most efficient way to use a list of the first 20 prime numbers in a program?
Implement a Hash Map: Write the code to implement a phone book.
Closures and Dependency Injection: What is a Javascript closure?
Pair-wise multiply two arrays of integers. if they have different length, the shorter one needs to wrap around.
Print the prime factorization of a number.
Merge 2 strings of unequal length.

Engineering at GoDaddy

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If you're starting out, GoDaddy is an awesome first company - you get a good balance of "do grunt work to get better" and work life balance / not getting overwhelmed. Other engineers are generally helpful and supportive, so you won't feel like an idiot / feel like you're bothering somebody by asking for help If you are terminal in your career (e. g. senior software engineer), GoDaddy is also a great place to work. As long as you get your work done (bonus: most of the work you do isn't challenging anyways), you have good work life balance and decent benefits. GoDaddy is hands down one of the best places to rest and vest.

If your in the in group it’s great, promotion guaranteed every 1-2 year else expect to never get promoted l Rest and vest is big here, it’s like a prison where you get paid to do nothing or something you did fresh out of college. Stop promoting the same people over and over. Give a real reason for not promoting someone other than a BS political “I felt like you could of done x better” when in reality it means I don’t like you and you won’t get promoted.

There are many opportunities working at GoDaddy. The company has grown quickly over the years and is still in catch-up mode when it comes to IT, infrastructure and product development. If you're a motivated go-getter, you can really succeed here by identifying opportunities, developing solutions, and driving them to completion. GoDaddy is very customer focused and is always trying to identify product opportunities to help small businesses succeed. Great engineering culture with talented and energized people. Benefits are amazing.

Competitive salary, yearly bonus, stock options, macbook pro development laptop, relaxed and fun environment, yearly company party, free coffee/snacks/drinks/fruit, subsidized meals, ability to telecommute, company sports team participation, quarterly team outings, employee stock purchase plan, conference attendee. If your performance isn't up to par, you'll be put on a process improvement path.

Engineering Levels

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$99,000 - Base
$14,750 - Stock
$10,000 - Bonus
$114,833 - Base
$15,000 - Stock
$10,833 - Bonus
$128,400 - Base
$31,000 - Stock
$13,600 - Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus