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Someone at Qualtrics says...

Working here has been a fantastic experience. My manager is incredible, work-life balance has been amazing, the job is interesting with lots of perks such as a$1500 annual experience bonus to go do/buy whatever you want. For engineers, you can also spend 10% of your time learning anything you want. In my experience, Qualtrics lives what it preaches. Our product is 'experience management' (employee experience, customer experience, etc. ), and every bad experience I've ever had has been turned around by us using our own platform. I've been open with my feedback and someone has always stepped in to make my experience better! I could see myself working here for a long time!

Qualtrics Interview Questions

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People at Qualtrics Say

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The growth mindset and atmosphere is excellent for entry level positions. This has been an amazing place to start my career.
Great engineers all around and the culture is amazingly one team and there is a lot of transparency from leadership.
The people at Qualtrics are great, the engineers are awesome, opportunities for growth, lots of fun technologies to use.
They are always trying to lead (follow?) the FAANG companies with policies some times we come out with it on our own other times it feels like they are just following the crowd.

Engineering Levels

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Software Engineer I

$122,200 - Base
$7,267 - Stock
$11,800 - Bonus
Software Engineer II

$156,273 - Base
$47,545 - Stock
$13,182 - Bonus
Software Engineer III
Senior Software Engineer

$159,571 - Base
$78,857 - Stock
$18,143 - Bonus
Software Engineer IV
Staff Software Engineer

$204,400 - Base
$177,000 - Stock
$36,200 - Bonus
Principal Engineer

350k - Base
160k - Stock
70k - Bonus