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Someone at Indeed says...

Stellar health plan, great perks as a remote employee (snacks delivered quarterly, start-up money to set up home office), even more perks at Austin (free breakfast, lunch, coffee bar, too much to list). Pay and bonuses are outstanding. Many great people working there. No one was invested in ME or my success at the company. Figure out a way to mentor new employees over the long term. My advice to future Indeed software engineers: know your stuff before you sign on with Indeed. You won't last long if you think they'll help you ramp up.

Indeed Interview Questions

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People at Indeed Say

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Politics is seeping into the engineering culture. Your fate and growth depend on your manager and how much they know how to play it. If you don't have an idea how things work here(being an engineer), you will be manipulated until you know what the right expectations are. You won't be rewarded what you deserve in a direct manner. Instead, the management will torture you to yield your fullest so that you think that you really achieved it and the bar is high which in reality was not. Help people understand what's the right thing to do and what the right expectations are. Don't manipulate them in the name of motivation. Think about building the long-term trust of an employee. Don't bully employees and let them bullied by anyone else, sooner or later they are gonna get out of it some way or the other.
Great perks and salary, and depending on the team you get to - smart co-workers and challenging technical work. No more than lip service for diversity initiatives. No viable career path for individual contributors. Women engineers that are not in management languish in the same level for years, and their contributions are not recognized or valued. If you are a female engineer, there are much better companies out there that will value you. Projects and teams randomly move around various engineering offices because they hire too many engineers without actually having a plan for what they would work on. Some engineering managers put on act of being humble while doing nothing to help advance the careers of those who report to them. Learn from other tech companies that are doing more than just lip service in their diversity initiatives.
Great corporate culture of Diversity and Inclusion. Supports various social groups with Indeed. A great mission to help job seekers. I have seen the decline in the quality of offerings, but food is a huge motivator for some jobseekers. I prefer to get paid and choose what and where I dine. The PMO at Indeed is dead. No movement since February of 2019. No guidance or directives, no training or support. The reality is that the "Program" side of Indeed wanted to downsize, and discovered that with the bad (unskilled project managers) the best and brightest also left Indeed. There is a weird vacum of talent and project focus. Programs are vague and Program Manages typically just monitor team work and jira tickets.
There are a lot of perks here. Work life balance is good (mostly), open PTO, competitive salary, and then of course the ability to travel as well as office niceties (coffee bar, free food and snacks, etc). Leadership truly does care about the employee experience. The culture has changed a lot as a result of too rapid growth and expansion with minimal change management, and unfortunately the collaborative, idea driven, innovative aspect of the company that made it such a unique place to work has been lost in a lot of ways.

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$108,143 - Base
$10,714 - Stock
$16,714 - Bonus
$149,500 - Base
$31,357 - Stock
$20,571 - Bonus
$171,167 - Base
$94,167 - Stock
$31,333 - Bonus
Technical Fellow 4
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Not Available - Base
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