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Someone at Amazon says...

Make a real effort to improve onboarding execution. Leverage a centralized intern project review board to ensure internship projects are properly scoped and well thought out. Track metrics associated with intern success and how they relate to different types/sizes of projects and alignment with intern's current skills. Ensure the intern project review board makes recommendations based on these data points.

Amazon Interview Questions

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People at Amazon Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

Challenging work. Bright Co-workers. Company resources such as wiki and other internal tools(Brazil, etc) are well managed. Mentorship program. Revolving door of employees Only had a manager for 6 months at the longest,Tech Debt on teams can hinder project development. On-Call Rotation Constant changing of requirements from upper management. Find team members that are passionate about the work. When passing off management to new managers, ensure that the goals and tenets of the projects are clearly identified and agreed upon with legacy team members.
Almost an ecosystem to work at - considering it's scale and different departments, it's a fast-paced internet company that it's changing the way people shop. It's open to ideas, new improved processes and at par with what's happening around the web world. Since the scale is massive, it takes more than one team to make any quick change. While the company is agile, it can take several months to make a small change happen.
Amazon has amazing and high-efficient management strategy. Here, I understood why this company continues growing rapidly given that the turnover rate is bigger than companies like Google and a lot of people have short tenure. Amazon is my first job, and I changed from a student to an industry leader after staying at Amazon for 3 years. Amazon has a lot of smart and passionate people. They are role models for my career and technical growth. I benefited from working here with them. Amazon functions like a startup, and I was impressed by a lot of new and great ideas popped up from people's brains every day.
Excellent Work Culture, Compensation, Perks and also the work. Lots to learn, literally everything in tech is being used here and much more. Some really challenging work with really good salary. They pay more than the market. Chaps working around are really tech sound and usually helping but that may vary from team to team. Please focus on engineering skills of individual along with customer, treat employees as customer to the company.

Engineering Levels

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$116,551 - Base
$17,208 - Stock
$20,749 - Bonus
$141,860 - Base
$56,208 - Stock
$14,701 - Bonus
$157,829 - Base
$148,462 - Stock
$10,516 - Bonus
Principal SDE
$165,000 - Base
$319,700 - Stock
$35,100 - Bonus
Senior Principal SDE
Not Available
Not Available - Base
- Stock
- Bonus