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Someone at Expedia says...

Great balance, fair pay, very talented and helpful teammates

Expedia Interview Questions

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People at Expedia Say

This information was sourced from reviews originally posted on Glassdoor.

They do treat their employees very well. Time off is very flexible and the overall culture is pretty chill. The campus is beautiful (if we ever get to go back #COVID).
Rotation Program for an employee to have a chance to switch career
Various products you can work on if you are interested
Work life balance. Good work culture.

Engineering Levels

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$114,733 - Base
$6,533 - Stock
$17,600 - Bonus

$135,958 - Base
$15,042 - Stock
$9,792 - Bonus
Senior SDE

$163,750 - Base
$34,000 - Stock
$20,000 - Bonus
Principal SDE

$201,000 - Base
$48,571 - Stock
$36,857 - Bonus
Distinguished Engineer

250k - Base
350k - Stock
100k - Bonus