Do this to take advantage of the 2021 developer shortage

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-07-01 17:44:23 UTC

Software engineers have been in demand for a while, but we're now in unexplored territory. With the decline of international sudents and CS graduates during the pandemic-era, and closing bootcamps and universities, software engineering compensation is going to climb to new heights.

Here's a comment from a Hacker News thread a few weeks ago:

"Stripe recently offered $550k to a generalist backend developer who is a dear friend of mine, with about 7 years of experience.

Another close friend joined Google recently as a generalist UI developer for $490k. 6 years of experience.

Last FAANG offer I personally got was from Facebook a couple years ago, for an SRE role at $450k (believe it was top of E5 band).

My current comp at a hedge fund is > $1M/y, as a tech lead working in infra SWE."

Yes, this sounds absurd-- but the reality is that the big tech companies are making millions PER employee, justifying these wages. Software engineering is perhaps the greatest wealth creator in our lifetimes-- so how do you take advantage of this quickly?

I've found to be the answer, and a perfect compliment to AlgoDaily. Not only do you get anonymous mock interview practice, which is itself one of the fastest ways to get better-- every interviewer is from a top company that's at the forefront of these huge wages.

I've used several times in the past-- at companies as the interviewer, and also for my own training. It'll help you in multiple ways:

  • First, the technical competence of interviewers is at the same level of folks you'll encounter in actual scenarios. You'll see they are no smarter than you are, and that they want you to succeed. That's half the psychological battle.

  • You'll practice under pressure. It's one thing to write questions in a text editor with unlimited time, and another to have someone evaluating you (even if it's nicely!)

  • If you absolutely kill it during the interview, the interviewer has the option to move you further along in their actual applicant pipeline, so you may just land a job from it.

Practice with a FAANG engineer today. As always, thanks for reading, and happy coding! I'm available for questions and feedback at this email, just reply directly.

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