New Free Tutorials: O(n log n) sorts and Intro to Regex

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-02-02 02:01:03 UTC

Two treats for you today, both tutorials resulting from direct requests by members in our 60 day crash course. We take feedback from students seriously, and are constantly working to fill in gaps that prevent us from being the most accessible coding interview course available.

Merge Sort vs. Quick Sort vs. Heap Sort is an exploration of the 3 most common types of O(n * log n) sorting algorithms. It's super important to know them well, since they serve as the foundation for many problem solutions and techniques.

An Interactive Introduction to Regular Expressions introduces regex in a simple, hands-on way. Learn the basics of this important and powerful tool in about 20 minutes!

Both tutorials are free for now, but will eventually be exclusive to premium members. If you like our interactive, visual tutorials, consider getting lifetime access today at our discounted rate.

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