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By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2020-12-06 21:57:23 UTC

Most developers, particularly junior engineers, are wary of systems design interviews. The assumption is that, while algorithms are difficult to master, they can be learned with sufficient practice.

But systems design interviews seem more daunting because of how open ended they are. In the real world, the architecture of a system takes weeks or months to properly think through and plan for. During interviews, not only are you tasked with designing one in 45 minutes, but you may not even have the proper building blocks at this stage in your career.

How can you build a scalable chat app without understanding event queues? Or architect a fast search engine without knowing about indexing?

The fastest way I've found to grasp these building blocks is to seek out existing scalable systems. We can work backwards-- there are certain pieces of software that have revolutionized the industry, and their original white papers often reveal secrets to reliability and scalability.

To that end, we have a surprise at AlgoDaily! We've summarized 7 of the most famous software white papers, and outlined them in plain English. If you go through one a day (roughly 15 minutes per read), you'll be in the zone come interview time.

The above outlines are included as part of the full course, and are immediately accessible to all existing premium members. If you find it useful, we'd love to know!

Not a member? Buy today at the following link: https://algodaily.com/subscriptions/discounted, now 50% off! We'll continue to update you as we add new content.

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