🎉 These Concepts Can Get You Into FAANG

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-03-09 12:11:54 UTC

We continue to aggressively add more lessons -- huge haul this time. We are committed to getting you your dream software engineering job by teaching you what you need to know to crush interviews. I've seen this barrier be broken and move thousands of people from poverty to upper middle class. It's insane the level of leverage mastering this material has.

You spend 1/3 of your life at your job. Shouldn't it be one of the best in the world? Do the work, get prepared, and let's take over tech.

Longest Substring With No Duplicate Characters - Given a string of characters, can you find the longest substring of the string that has no repeating characters?

Examining the YouTube Architecture (premium) - This lesson aims to uncover how a large-scale application such as YouTube operates. More specifically, we will examine the entire system architecture, and understand the different components involved in the process. We will also have a look at the algorithms that internally work within YouTube that are responsible for personalized user content.

Classical N-Queen Problem - Suppose you're asked in an interview to design an N-Queen problem solver. This is a generalization of the world famous 8-Queen Problem. The given board will always be a square. It is proven that for n > 3, there is always at least one solution.

Potential Bottlenecks in Software Performance Testing (premium) - In this lesson, we will consider the five most common bottlenecks that occur in applications during the performance testing phase. Rather than focus on small programs, we will consider an example of an application or software and understand the performance tests in this context.

From Byte to Gigabyte to Petabyte: Understanding Data Size - To effectively store data on computers, it is important to know how the storage mechanism of computing systems takes place. To utilize computing resources effectively, data sizes are an important understanding.

Shortest Path Distance in Matrix (premium) - You are given a 2D matrix with several characters contained in its cells. You will also have two distinct characters which are guaranteed to be in the given matrix. Your job will be to find the minimum manhattan distance between the two characters in the matrix.

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