Hands Down the Best Systems Design Resource?

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-01-16 13:01:40 UTC

I was perusing Hacker News last week when I encountered a link subtlely titled "System Design Interview Book Review". Curious, I checked out the article-- it was a review of a resource I'd never heard of called, "System Design Interview: an Insider's Guide".

I was floored by this review! The following are quotes directly from the article:

"...the most "real-world" systems design book I've come across that does a solid effort to teach concepts, step by step, to people who have yet to work at systems at scale..."

"...a solid recommend from me: and not just for preparing for the systems design interview, but to strengthen your systems design muscle for the day-to-day."

Now, this was written by an engineer who's worked at Uber, Skype, and JP Morgan. All those companies maintain some serious, mission critical, large-scale software systems. If he says it's a good read, you'd better believe it.

I checked the course out and found it to be the perfect compliment to AlgoDaily. The same way we focus our learning around problems, Systems Design Interview focuses on real world use cases. What I love is the systems covered include ones you'll likely build as a software engineer in 2021: a web crawler, news feed, autocomplete, Google Drive, key-value store, etc.

Check out "System Design Interview: an Insider's Guide" today! I highly recommend it.

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