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By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-08-11 22:15:08 UTC

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This one's been in the works for a bit! There's a lot of ground to cover with systems design, but we're trying our best to keep it with clear and visual.

I'm thrilled to announce Systems Design Daily, all of our systems design lessons neatly presented in an email newsletter! Get a bite-sized nugget of systems design and architecture wisdom every day in your inbox. We're still working on the landing page for, but wanted you to start using it!

To get access, go to our redesigned General Settings page, and make your selected course Systems Design and Architecture.

Our end goal is to eventually have daily newsletters for all crash courses on the platform, with Frontend Dev Daily being the next one up. We've tripled our content output, with a target of 16 crash courses by the end of the year. Additionally, be sure you check out our newly popular Learn to Code / Software Engineering course.

We'll send you 100+ of the most common coding interview questions, once a day with visual explanations. Join over 53,000+ users who are doubling their salaries in 30 minutes a day.

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