New Features: Export Your Solutions in Bulk, Translate and Read Tutorials, Clip Notes

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-03-27 21:06:29 UTC

We've added three incredibly useful new features to help you land your dream job! With the help of feedback from our wonderful community, we continue to make AlgoDaily the world's best one-stop shop solution for coding interview prep.

We hope you like what you find, and that it helps you feel more confident in tackling technical interviews. Here's what we've landed:

Want To Save Your Solutions? Export Them in Bulk

Many students create GitHub repositories for their AlgoDaily solutions. This could be for reference down the line, or to create a portfolio of code samples. Regardless, we'd like to make it easier for you. You now have the option to easily export all your solutions on the settings page.

Selection Menu to Share, Lookup, and Read Via Speech to Text

AlgoDaily has text content-- LOTS of it. The students who derive the most out of the course tend to be active readers; that is, they like to play with the materials by highlighting, writing it down, sharing quotes, etc.

Now, any text selection on the site will trigger a helpful menu that let's you share the quote on social, look it up in a small window on Google, translate the text, or even have it read to you!

Clip and Save Screens as Notes

Finally, we're thrilled to announce we're building out a flash cards feature. Eventually, you'll be able to review concepts with spaced repetition. As the first iteration, you can now clip and save chunks of content in each tutorial to Notes in the right hand side. To do so, hover over any floating note icon to the upper right of a content blob, and click "Add to Notes". In the future, you'll be able to save all your notes in one place, and render it as a PDF.

Some of these features are exclusive to premium members.

🎉 These Concepts Can Get You Into FAANG

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-03-09 12:11:54 UTC

We continue to aggressively add more lessons -- huge haul this time. We are committed to getting you your dream software engineering job by teaching you what you need to know to crush interviews. I've seen this barrier be broken and move thousands of people from poverty to upper middle class. It's insane the level of leverage mastering this material has.

You spend 1/3 of your life at your job. Shouldn't it be one of the best in the world? Do the work, get prepared, and let's take over tech.

Longest Substring With No Duplicate Characters - Given a string of characters, can you find the longest substring of the string that has no repeating characters?

Examining the YouTube Architecture (premium) - This lesson aims to uncover how a large-scale application such as YouTube operates. More specifically, we will examine the entire system architecture, and understand the different components involved in the process. We will also have a look at the algorithms that internally work within YouTube that are responsible for personalized user content.

Classical N-Queen Problem - Suppose you're asked in an interview to design an N-Queen problem solver. This is a generalization of the world famous 8-Queen Problem. The given board will always be a square. It is proven that for n > 3, there is always at least one solution.

Potential Bottlenecks in Software Performance Testing (premium) - In this lesson, we will consider the five most common bottlenecks that occur in applications during the performance testing phase. Rather than focus on small programs, we will consider an example of an application or software and understand the performance tests in this context.

From Byte to Gigabyte to Petabyte: Understanding Data Size - To effectively store data on computers, it is important to know how the storage mechanism of computing systems takes place. To utilize computing resources effectively, data sizes are an important understanding.

Shortest Path Distance in Matrix (premium) - You are given a 2D matrix with several characters contained in its cells. You will also have two distinct characters which are guaranteed to be in the given matrix. Your job will be to find the minimum manhattan distance between the two characters in the matrix.

Not a premium member? If want to earn more, work with brilliant coworkers, and impact the lives of millions-- consider getting lifetime access today at our discounted rate-- as stated previously, all lifetime AlgoDaily members will have access to SystemsDesignDaily (our 90-day drip systems design course) at the time of its launch in 2-3 months..

New Tutorials: DB Isolation Levels, Counting Univalued Subtrees, Coloring Problem

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-02-20 01:57:24 UTC

We continue to aggressively add content to help you land your dream job. Nothing fancy here: just go through the tutorials, do the work, and improve as a developer.

Database Isolation Levels - Data/information is important for anyone, and databases are responsible for holding that crucial information. Hence, the security, integrity, and consistency of all values within them must be ensured. For this purpose, databases should have some specific properties. This tutorial discusses one such property of them, that of isolation.

Counting Univalued Subtrees - We are given a binary tree. The challenge is to count all the univalued subtrees in the tree. Just to recall, a subtree is any node along with its descendants. The root and all its descendants form the entire tree. A univalued subtree is therefore a subtree in which all the nodes have the same keys.

The Two Coloring Graph Problem - Given a graph, can you use two colors to color each node of the graph, such that no two adjacent nodes have the same color?

These tutorials are free for now, but will eventually be exclusive to premium members. If you like our interactive, visual tutorials, consider getting lifetime access today at our discounted rate-- price goes up sharply Monday night.

New Free Tutorials: Google Architecture and Data Engineering Interviews

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-02-02 02:02:51 UTC

Two more treats for you today, both tutorials resulting from direct requests by members in our 60 day crash course. We take feedback from students seriously, and are constantly working to fill in gaps that prevent us from being the most accessible coding interview course available.

How Do Search Engines Work? helps us understand how a search engine like Google works, so you can get a better sense of designing large knowledge graphs.

Data Engineering Interview Questions Cheat Sheet is exactly as it sounds-- it's a reference to data engineering, data engineering-specific interviews, and includes common questions you might see.

Both tutorials are free for now, but will eventually be exclusive to premium members. If you like our interactive, visual tutorials, consider getting lifetime access today at our discounted rate-- deal ends soon!

Landing an offer where he failed the phone screen

By Jake from AlgoDaily on 2021-02-02 02:01:54 UTC

We get success stories quite a bit in our team inbox, but this one is special. A student partipating in our 60 day crash course landed an offer at a company where he couldn't even pass the phone screen just a year prior!

We're obviously extremely excited to hear about his success, but what jumped out was how he accomplished this: he took "the visual approach".

Leetcode grinding works for a small subset of people, but most (especially non-traditional and junior engineers) will find it far more efficient TO DO FEWER PROBLEMS, and to develop the ability to gather a solution in their mind's eye. At the end of the day, all of coding is an exercise in abstractions-- these abstractions are further processed as images in our imagination.

For example, which is easier to understand and develop an intuition for-- this:

... Or this?

This isn't just the case if "you're a visual learner". Success in technical interviews requires being able to SEE the solutions in your head. You picture an array as boxes, or a hash map as buckets-- these images are what allow you to formulate a solution before writing a line of code.

That's why AlgoDaily focuses on illustrations. Beyond being nice to look at, our 500+ images and diagrams are very direct tools to help you understand material in a quarter of the time. If you like our interactive, visual tutorials, consider getting lifetime access today at our discounted rate. The price will continue to rise as we make it more valuable, so be sure to act today.

We'll send you over 100 of the most common coding interview questions, once a day with visual explanations. Join over 16,323 users who are doubling their salaries in 30 minutes a day. All subscribers get a free 86-page preview PDF with a week of study material.

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